1978 Southern California beaches, full of sunshine , comfortable and vitality , UGG can also be born here and " landing " fashion arena - from preparation for specialist surfers "wool boots " to the well-liked 4 Seasons fashion globe a single item , the birth of every single pair of UGG shoes are fans about the world to make an unparalleled " wool skin experience" , at the same time as a distinctive wearing expertise.

Ambilight autumn in Beijing in September , whilst the night is actually a star-studded Blue Harbour : colorful party scene , many fashion UGG specific invitation , arts and entertainment celebrities gathered right here , and provide a specially made , cautiously crafted gifts for UGG young and thrilling 35 years to send meaningful valuable present.

Guys of stars, celebrities appeared 1 by a single for the event set off one particular soon after an additional spurt . Such as the well-known interior designer and founder of DARA Property Chiang Peng, renowned photographer and jewelry designer higher source , musician and designer Gia Wang, Ye Qian independent fashion designers , including the brand pals have posted personally created present. Regardless of whether it can be one of a kind interesting sensible living at dwelling, the trend continues to be filled with ingenuity and individuality inspiration , every piece embodies the blessing of their UGG 's . The vertices from the field activities was song and film star famous Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung adopted youngsters must shine on stage - has made a variety of classic screen image of Julian Cheung will be performing and style himself into a popular design "face" theme Shealing boots presented for the brand, color and style with Chinese symbol of " status quo" on the Monkey King 's Message interpretation of classic and innovative UGG; sweetheart beauty and the hearts of every person , and just promoted to the mother should be adopted kid is sent a cheerful cake to celebrate enjoy , sincere congratulations to celebrate the 35th anniversary of UGG transforms when and each of the guests shared their mothers , onto a new stage of life, joy and excitement. In response , UGG also personal series of classic and fashion brand shoes donated to grateful pals and want them continued beyond the arts , performing around the road within the future, extra invasive masterpiece.